Welcome to the site for Tulle and Tulips Designer Weddings, a new series of contemporary romance stories.

While this is not a wedding planning site, there will be fun, and hopefully useful, stuff here about wedding planning whether it’s images, tips, interesting stories, or any number of other wedding related things. Between 9 and 12 books are planned for this series, covering a wide range of aspects such as the dresses, flowers, venue, cake, jewelry, registry, music, food, the groom and his men, hair and makeup, invitations, and photography.

So far two of these stories have been written, and they have both been about someone beginning a new chapter of their life. This could become a theme for all of these books, but it may not be. The plan is definitely for each book to be light and fun while focusing on the adventure of finding somone who fulfills a unique need that only true love can understand.

TangledInTulle300 Tangled in Tulle is about Lori, the dress designer. Lori is starting a new chapter in her life by beginning her own business…Tulle and Tulips Designer Weddings. Her only hope of seeing her dream become a reality rests with the man she almost killed.

The second book, TangledInTulle300 Twisted in Tulips, is about Misty, Lori’s best friend. Misty is the florist and finds herself fighting against the archaic thought processes of a military man who became an amputee during his service. There is no shortage of fireworks between these two as they learn to accept and more importantly understand each other.

While working on this series, I will continue to write the other projects I love like Whispering Cove and the Sensory Ops series. Whether I’m writing contemporary romance or romantic suspense or playing with paranormal elements, my stories are always lighter in tone with elements of humor and a focus on the budding connection and commitment of the couples. The stories may be fiction, and a tad erotic at times, but every girl should be able to dream about finding the perfect man to understand her and view her as an equal partner.

November 2013
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